Bathroom Renovation Boston MA

For all of our Massachusetts clients, we cover a wide range of bathroom renovation services. 

We can assist in helping you design the bathroom of your dreams! 

Whether you want to install a larger tub, convert your tub to a shower, change your vanity or fully remodel and expand your bathroom, we are here for you. We can change the tiles in your bathroom and add all the right finishes for an at-home spa experience.

Your bathroom will be more attractive and retain all of its functionality. Make your bathroom a sanctuary instead of the room you avoid and apologize to guests for. 

If your family is growing, you have the option to expand your space and add a bathroom, where space allows. 

Whatever your plans are, our Bathroom Remodeling contractors in Boston MA can help you renovate, remodel or add on a new bathroom at a time that’s convenient for you. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your design plans with one of our bathroom contractors. ​ The process of renovating your bathroom may seem stressful, but with our help we can make it as smooth as possible from Design, to demo, to Selecting finishes!

bath remodel boston ma

    Bathroom Home Improvement Services

    Do you dream of spacious showers, bright well-lit vanities, or luxuries spa tubs? A bathroom renovation can bring all of these things straight to your home. We incorporate products specifically catered to your needs and centered around your budget. We work with many homeowners that have either recently purchased and older home that is in need of an upgrade for their bathrooms, as well as homeowners that have seen many years' wear and tear on their existing bathrooms and are looking for a new fresh and updated look for their washrooms, master baths and half baths too.

    Boston Bathroom Remodeling focuses on quality construction and employs only experienced and skilled staff members. Our bathroom contractors understand bathroom renovation from the demolition to the final touches. We deliver only top-quality workmanship and always focus on functionality.

    You can have a brand-new vanity, renovated lighting, and upgrades showers or tubs in time at all. Call us to schedule a consultation and we'll get your project started right away.

    Complete Gut & Remodel

    Many homeowners want to redo their bathroom completely. New homeowners especially want to develop their version of their new home. Whether you need a half bathroom renovation, small bathroom renovation, or a master bathroom renovation, you might need a complete gut and remodel.

    You can pull out that outdated bathtub, and dingy vanity and replace them with exactly what you want. Our Bathroom Remodeling and improvement company employs only top-quality bathroom remodel contractors to take on these big jobs.

    A complete gut and remodel means that you’re not restricted to the fixtures that are already in your bathroom. Many homeowners are put off specifically with dated tile. It’s easy to tell when most of the fixtures and design of your bathroom were done because the popular trends it probably follows.

    Boston Bathroom Remodeling specializes in bathroom remodels and can help with design as well. We start each project with by scheduling a design consultation. For complete gut and remodel jobs, the possibilities are only restricted by the structural design of your home. 

    Our staff is fully licensed, and we hold up to date insurance which is always available upon request. You can get started by contacting our office. We’ll set up an appointment and discuss your dream bathroom.

    bathroom contractors boston ma

    Bathroom Redesign or Relocation

    Our home improvement company is well-known for outstanding workmanship, quality materials, and completing jobs promptly. Relocation and redesign for bathrooms is a challenging job, and many bathroom renovation contractors will attempt to talk you out of it. But, what our customers want comes first, and if the structure of the home allows it, we will work with you to make it happen.

    With our skilled staff, we deliver top-quality redesign and renovation. A full redesign or relocating major bathroom fixtures includes a complete reconstruction of the plumbing system and electrical. The old flooring has to come up, and the old faucets and shower or tub require removal as well.

    Relocation is a lot of work considering that the job also requires new plumbing and flooring. If you’re looking to redesign your bathroom, speak with a bathroom contractor about your options in making the layout more functional.

    A bathroom reconstruction can put your bathroom out of commission for a time, but in the end, you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams. Boston Bath Remodeling offers top notch work in a reasonable time frame. If you need "bathroom remodeling near me" schedule an appointment to discuss your remodel and relocation today.