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Bathroom additions are becoming more popular as household sizes increase across the United States. Don’t be stuck waiting on someone else to get out of the shower, add a bathroom onto your home.

We provide all the necessary plumbing, electrical and construction work which is all included in our pricing. Keeping these aspects in-house saves tremendously on costs. Boston Bathroom Remodeling delivers daily updates and a full explanation of every step of the bathroom addition.

Bathroom additions aren’t easy jobs, but our skilled staff works quickly to ensure that you have access to your new bathroom as soon as possible. By keeping you up to date, you can oversee every step of the bathroom addition to ensure that your bathroom is built to your specifications.

We’ve worked with many homeowners and understand that your vision is the top priority. If there’s any reason that we can’t accommodate your requests our staff will explain the reasoning and offer alternative options.

Contact Boston Bath Remodel today to discuss the planning options available or your bathroom addition today. Our bathroom builders are accustomed to obtaining city permits and drawing up designs. ​

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    Types Of Bathroom Additions:

    - Full Bathroom Addition

    - Half Bathroom Addition

    - Master Bath Addition

    - Guest Bathroom Addition

    - En Suite Addition

    - Second Bathroom Addition

    - Basement Bathroom Addition

    - Small Bathroom Addition

    - Shower Addition

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