Bathroom Conversion Services

Converting a bathroom is often a less expensive option than expanding, but you’ll have to decide which direction is best for you. A bathroom conversion can take your ½ bathroom to a full, or turn your full bathroom into a powder room.

Many bathroom remodel contractors will be quick to point out areas that limit design. But, Boston Bathroom Remodeling will help you evaluate what design options are available and decide what works best for you.

Homeowners often decide to go with a bathroom conversion because it’s usually cheaper than a full bathroom remodel. Bathroom renovations require quick completion and we understand that you can’t go for weeks without access to a vital room in your household. Especially when you’re trying to get more out of it!

A bathroom conversion isn’t simple, but with our skilled staff, we can complete the job quickly with top-quality workmanship. We’re known throughout the greater Boston area for our remodel and renovation solutions to fit your needs. Set up an appointment today with the best bathroom contractors to discuss your dream bathroom!

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    Bathroom Expansion Services

    Many people wish that their bathrooms were larger but feel that they don’t have many options available. This isn’t necessarily the case because as long as your bathroom isn’t locked in by other rooms, expansion is probably an option.

    Working with a bathroom remodeling contractor from Boston Bathroom Remodeling is easy. We'll start by discussing your design options, your goals. A bathroom expansion will get you more space, how you want to use that space becomes the primary topic of discussion, as well as your choice for finishes. Are you looking up "remodel my bathroom"? You've come to the right place! We can redo your bathroom with all the finishes you are looking to have.

    Boston Bath has experience with shower and tub conversions, vanities, and any electrical or plumbing needs. Because we work hard to build a strong relationship and get to know our clients, we always meet with you to discuss your designs will oversee or work directly on the project.

    To schedule your bathroom expansion or discuss your options with a home bathroom remodel contractor call our office today. We work throughout the greater Boston area and are familiar with obtaining any necessary permits needed during the remodel. ​

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